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Sunnis 4 Marriage-Code of Conduct

As Muslims we must be aware of our code of conduct and treat other the way in which you wish to be treated. Therefore good manners and etiquette should be implemented when communicating with others. Always remember to be respectful and courteous of others needs as well as your own.

We, at Sunnis4Marriage pride ourselves with providing you with a high quality and reliable service for our members and would like all users to have the best experience from the Membership. Therefore, we ask that all members acquaint themselves with the Code of conduct. This will enable you and other fellow members to have a sincere and enjoyable halal experience.

Respect the feelings of other Members

We ask that you always be considerate and respects the needs and feelings of others when communicating to members of Sunnis4Marriage and follow the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. When communicating with other Members, please bear in mind that you are unlikely to agree on most matters as everyone has their own opinions/thoughts and we ask that you kindly respect those.

Abd Shuraib al-Adawi reported: My ears listened and my eye saw when Allah’s Messenger ﷺ spoke and said: He who believes In Allah and the hereafter should show respect to the guest even with utmost kindness and courtesy. They said: Messenger of Allah ﷺ, what is this utmost kindness and courtesy? He replied: It is for a day and a night. Hospitality extends for three days, and what is beyond that is a Sadaqa for him; and he who believes in Allah and the Hereafter should say something good or keep quiet.

Sahih Muslim, Book 31, Hadith 15

Be Polite

Politeness is Sunnah and makes your relations with others run more smoothly (for both yourselves and others), which leads to successful communication all round. Being respectful of others and presenting yourself in a positive, pleasant, calm manner helps to form a good first impression with other members of Sunnis4Marriage. This then opens doors and increases your chances of searching for your ideal Spouse.

Be honest and truthful

All relationships are based on trust and honesty, especially the sanctity of marriage. We ask that all members be honest and truthful in their communications with other Members of Sunnis4Marriage. The onus is on you to communicate truthfully and disclose information about yourself that you are comfortable sharing. If a member asks you a question that you are not comfortable answering then you should openly state this. Remember you are in control in what of what you choose to share about yourself.

Reply to all messages

We ask that you politely reply to all Members’ messages as you never know when the right person may come along. Even if you are not interested in the Member that has sent you a message or form of communication then please be honest and say so. Just remember that this Member of Sunnis4Marriage is just like you-wanting to seek a life partner and it would be courteous and polite to reply back, as this Member has mustered their courage to contact you.

Do not use Language that is deemed Offensive or Disrespectful!

Sunnis4Marriage aims to provide a service that is secure and respectful for all its Members. Any members that receive offensive or disrespectful message/s from another member may report this, in confidence, to us-Sunnis4Marriage team. We will endeavour to look into such matters immediately and speak to such members as this is in breach of our code of conduct and Terms and Conditions. Please be aware even if you are tempted to use profane or disrespectful language to another member, you will not be benefiting from your Sunnis4Marraige membership in doing so.

Please remember that it is your responsibility to report to us at Sunnis4Marriage Team if you feel any member is not conducting themselves in the Sunni, Halal manner. You can do this in full confidence as we aim to offer the best possible service to all our members; however we do need our members help and support to do so. Therefore with your agreed support and adherence we can make Sunnis4Marraige a delightful and successful Sunni experience for all.

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